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I have been going to Darlene for a few years. She is outstanding at acupuncture. You never feel the needles going in due to her gentle touch. She knows exactly where to place the needles based on your pain location and you always feel better when she is done. She uses the Avazzia machine using different pain frequencies. I purchased one of the machines and it is amazing at pain reduction and working on scars. Everyone should get one. If you want a kind and warm person and at the same time experience the best acupuncture I have ever had, Darlene is for you.                                                                                          JP/Cape Coral, FL

The minute one steps foot into Darlene's office you feel the good karma. In the past, I was such a skeptic regarding acupuncture, however I am now a believer! First & foremost my shoulder pain is now gone due to my treatments from Darlene. She is a calm & caring presence and puts you at ease, besides diminishing your pain!                                                        Gayle/Cape Coral, FL

No Pain goes untreated! Hi everyone, if you have pain and are searching for a “no pill” answer or if you’ve seen every doctor in the world and getting no answers go to my acupuncturist Darlene Carswell at Balance For All. She is amazing and has been using this Avazzia frequency machine on my whole family. I saw such amazing results that I bought one myself and use it every day for pain, inflammation, meditation, and anti- aging. My athletic kids use it for muscle spasms, sore muscles and focusing for tests and my husband uses to relax! If someone gets sick in the house we use it to loosen sinuses and body aches. I use it to clear scar tissue in my son's lungs from all his respiratory problems. I use it on my nasty ugly pre-cancer scar on my leg and it’s slowly reducing the color and changing the skin around it. My husband came home from work with a severe migraine, I cleared it in 20 minutes and he was back to work within the hour!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                (C.C., Fort Myers, FL)

I have been seeing Darlene for several months. She's amazing! I have 14 vertebrae's fused, (as a teenager, scoliosis) which at my age now, of 70, causes me to be in pain and an inability to walk straight (I tended to list to the left. Darlene has worked on my back and muscles like no one I've seen before. I have been to many Acupuncturists during my lifetime for the same problem. Through Darlene's work I have seen and felt a change in my walking and significant decrease in pain level.                                                                                                                                                                                (D.M., Bonita Springs, FL)

Darlene worked me in to her schedule at the last moment. Her acupuncture combined with micro-current treatment helped my pains I was suffering. The next evening I was able to join friends on the dance floor at a fund raiser without pain. Even better, didn’t wake up with any stiffness from my dance moves! I highly recommend Darlene!                                                                                                                                                                                  (L.H., Sanibel, FL)

When you visit Darlene Carswell for Acupuncture at Balance For All, Inc., you will receive excellent care. No pain goes untreated, whether physical or emotional, acute or chronic. Don't like needles? Ask for no needle techniques. You are never too young or too old. You are never too sick or too well.                                                                                                            (R.C. - Fort Myers, FL)

Darlene is the BEST! I go into her office with major pain, and come out almost free of pain! She instinctively knows what to do and is very good at doing it! I recommend her to everyone!                                                                                                                                                                      (M.D. - Bonita Springs, FL)

I highly recommend Darlene Carswell Acupuncture/Balance for All Inc. This is the 1st day after my first treatment, and I feel really great. I appreciated Darlene’s kindness and sincere interest in my health. She is a compassionate acupuncturist. This combined with her expertise gives me confidence that the goals we set are achievable. I really enjoyed my time in her office!                                                                                                                                              (P.F. - Fort Myers, FL)

Darlene is not only an AMAZING SOUL but she is a MASTER at what she provides her patients! I always receive the highest QUALITY TREATMENT. You can FEEL a notable difference after walking out of the office EVERY time! Darlene is not only professional, extremely masterful in her knowledge, but she also TRULY cares and this shows with every consultation! She is a MUST have in my life to bring me back to center! THANK YOU DARLENE for ALL you do!                                                                                                  (A.M. - Fort Myers, FL)

I recommend anyone that has real pain to visit Darlene for relief. She has the know-how and is very caring. Give yourself a treat! You won't Be sorry!                                                                                                        (R.C., N. Fort Myers, FL)

I just arrived home from my treatment. My trapezius muscles are constantly tense and it causes horrible neck pain for me. While driving home I felt none of that tense strain anymore. Darlene also worked on my scar tissue today and the difference before and after are nothing short of INSANITY, lmao! I’m completely shocked at what a difference one treatment just made. Thanks again for such a lovely treatment!                                                                                                                                                                                              (A.M., Fort Myers, FL)

Darlene has the compassion and knowledge to take care of pain's or other issues you may have going on. I have been using Darlene's acupuncturist abilities for over 20 years! Thank you Darlene for taking of the pain in my left wrist! You work wonders!                                                                                                                                                                                                            (K.G., Fort Myers, FL)

Darlene, Feeling much better! I want to thank you for the treatment as much as for your kind and caring concern. The time you took today to instruct me and to show me how to use the electric pulse device, in my vernacular, was above and beyond. In your vernacular, you touch my heart! Thank you!                                                                                                                            (P.Y., Fort Myers, FL)

My left knee is still feeling pretty great. It was back to almost normal within 24 hours! Wondering what availability you have Friday. Thanks again!!                                                                                                                    (T.W., Lancaster, PA)

Darlene has helped me so much over the years and this microcurrent technology has helped me and my family so much!                                                                                                                                                              (J. R., Cape Coral, FL)

I highly recommend Darlene Carswell. I couldn't lift my arm without pain because my Elbow had so much pain. She got me ready for a martial arts seminar in Belgium. I performed well because she healed me. You won't be disappointed by trying Darlene.                                                                                                                                                                                              (C.D., Fort Myers, FL)

You are The Pain Whisperer!  😘 You have helped us all! Acupuncture/Acupressure works!                                                                                                                                                                    ❤️ (A.B., Sanibel, FL)

After spending eight hours a day using a computer mouse, I began suffering from severe numbness in my right hand and arm. I began seeing improvement almost immediately. Within six months I was totally symptom-free and able to avoid surgery (which I was told was my other option). Nowhere I’ve ever been for treatment has been as effective. Thank you!                                                                                                                                                        (D.S., Cape Coral, FL)

Testimonials - Balance For All, Inc. in Fort Myers, FL

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Testimonials - Balance For All, Inc. in Fort Myers, FL